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Halloween Props

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Are you prepared to be scared for Halloween 2018? Don't worry, we at Props4shows are beasts at sorting out your Halloween decoration needs, from all the essential little creepy crawlies to the big, scary and genuinely gruesome ghouls, monster and ghosts.
We have your lawns, drives and yards covered; with groundbreakers, you can give the appearance the undead are rising from right beneath your feet. There is a variety of ghoulish breakers to choose from, skeleton arms, zombies, monsters, mummies whatever takes your fancy. Once you have the groundbreakers sorted they really need to have graves to break out from, which of course is one our most popular Halloween product ranges. So remember to grab some tombstones and gravestones to accompany your groundbreakers. While we are still on outdoor Halloween, to set an utterly scary scene, it is excellent practice to add some adornments to the general grave areas and any shrubs, trees, walls etc. you may have about; or buy some fake shrubs trees and foliage from us. Stretch some of our spider webs over the area, add the odd spider, rat and bat, then Bob's your zombie you have a mini graveyard. To get those hearts pounding, you can go that one step further with a reaper, zombie or skeleton. Place him just out of immediate sight, so that you only see him when your scare-victims are drawn in closer. Semi-hidden props are sometimes the simplest but often the most effective at creating the spooky Halloween feel. Placing creepy crawlies, spiders, rats crawling out of places and skeletons with their hands coming out from behind the door. Having the correct lighting and colours might be the most critical but often forgotten element to many a Halloween display. It is best practice to get the Halloween props with glowing eyes, these really help, especially when you are using atmospherics like one of our fog machines. You see those piercing eyes before you see the monster. We have a wide range of LED eyed ghost, ghouls, spiders, monsters, skeletons and skulls to choose from. The addition of a black light (also known as UV - Ultra Violet) brings out the lighter colours in your Halloween display with an eery glow, increasing the moodiness and also look great with fog machines too.
It is essential to think of all areas when planning your Halloween scene, you have to remember that we don't just look at the ground. Use a mixture of ground and hanging Halloween display items and, if you have space, use one of our many Halloween wall and window decals to your display. Incorporating wall and window decals with some of our backdrop fabrics and a spider web or two will undoubtedly give your Halloween full depth and perspective, making even a small room look larger and scary.
Of course, the integral prop to any Halloween display is the humble pumpkin. So do not forget to purchase a few different sized pumpkins and gourds to put by your front door. Our battery operated cutout pumpkin will give out a welcome glow to your neighbourly trick or treaters, but don't forget to scare them with some spooky Halloween surprises.