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  • Crow in Flight - 30 X 25cm
  • Crow in Flight - 30 X 25cm

Crow in Flight

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This replica flying crow would make a magnificent addition to your spooky Halloween display scenes, especially churchyard or haunted witch displays. The crow stands 20cm tall and is made with natural glossy black feathers, giving it an attractive, realistic finish. There are wires underneath its feet, providing an easy way to secure the bird into place. The bird is supplied with its wings folded up but as you can see from the photos, they can be carefully bent down into different positions. This allows you to decide how 'in-flight' you want him to be. He has a wingspan of between 30cm and 55cm, depending on how you position the wings.
Material: Plastic / Metal / Real Feathers
Height: 20cm
Length: 26cm (beak to tail)
Wingspan: 30 - 55cm